The Unhinged's charming interview

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The Unhinged's charming interview

Post  Sabotage on Mon Jan 26, 2009 7:38 am

-- The camera fades in, showing the door marked with the Biohazard symbol on it. As the camera moves in closer, the shound of raised voices can be heard on the other side --

"I don't care if you're not feeling up to it. It's about time you picked your act up, sis, because there's no more women's division to hide behind anymore."

"I did NOT hide behind the women's division!"

"well you certainly didn't dominate it like you s-- there's someone outside the door"

-- The door is yanked open, revealing an angry looking Sabotage in the doorway, long hair almost melting into the black coat that covers his pale body --

Sabotage: You again? Dont you ever go away?

Jaquilin: No, I'm sorry but I do my job. Am I interrupting something?

Sabotage: *smirking* As always Jackie, since your here, what do you want?

Jaquilin: I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on your match tonight, and the result of last weeks Pay Per View. One of your stable mates is wearing a diaper! How's it feel to be teamed with someone like that?

Sabotage: Our match? oh, who were we going to brutalize again? I tend to forget people easily, as for the diaper, if you havent noticed we arent the most sane people around here, personally I think its a good look for him, he lost, he is paying in utter humiliation, I personally enjoy utter humiliation, it entertains me.

As for the match, oh nevermind it doesnt matter. The result will be the same. Torment, humiliation, unending pain and terror, all those fun and games us crazies like to play, now go, im finished.

Jaquilin: ummm... okay!

-- camera pans out as the door slams shut, and Jaquilyn seems far to eager to be heading away from the door at a fast speed... --


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