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Statik Stats

Post  Statik on Fri Jan 23, 2009 4:33 pm

Name: Statik

Alignment: Face

Height: Between 6'-6'2

Weight: Between 220-235lbs

Fighting style: Ie: Speed.

Finisher #1 Name and description: White Noise: Spike DDT

Finisher #2 Name and description: Statik Shock: Greetings from Ashbury Park

Finisher #3 Name and description: N/A

Home Town: Unknown

Description: Physical description (please keep it in proportion to your fighting style)
When not in a match, wears a sleeveless white shirt. On each arm is a black sleeve and White Pants with black boots. Wears a white mask that covers his entire face except his mouth and chin. And covering his mouth is what appears to be a small makeshift gas mask which apparently assists him in speaking.

When in a match, outfit is the same but the gasmask is gone.

Bio: Unknown. Plenty of Rumors: One such rumor is that he was in a Horrible car accident heading to a wrestling gig and he had damage to his throat which prevents him from speaking clearly without his mask. No facts are really known but few discount his ability to wrestle.

Entrance Video: "Give it all" by Rise Against


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