your scream is music

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your scream is music

Post  Pauk-O on Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:25 pm

Name: Pauk-O

Alignment: face



Fighting style:Technique

Finisher #1: pauk-o hits a running one armed bulldog, dropping his opponents face on his knee, executing a BLOODY MURDER!

Finisher #2: pauk-o jumps, grabbing his opponents shoulder and neck as he falls, then rolls over his back into a MURDER BY ARMBAR

Home Town: Richmond VA

Description: pauk-o's has long brown hair, kept in a ponytail, and a short beard that runs along his chinline into his goatee. he doesn't wear a shirt to show off the tattoo on his back of himself tied up and bleeding with a smile on his face. he wears black, loose fitting pants with Murder written in blood red going down his leg

Bio:When pauk-o was young, he put his trust in people who felt is was okay to betray him. after years torturing himself in his mind, something inside him finally snapped. now, the only pleasure he can find is in making people who betray those who trusted him scream in total, life-fearing agony. after watching a wrestling match where a tag team broke down, he sought out the promotion and attempted to beat the traitorous tag partner to a pulp, taking out several people before finally being restrained. luckily, he didn't knock out the promoter, who was so impressed by his vigor and raw power, he decided to train him. after teaching him the fine art of submission wrestling, the promoter gave him the moniker "The Saint of All Killers" for his brutal and torturous in-ring style.


Entrance Video:

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