Role Play Formating!!!!!

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Role Play Formating!!!!!

Post  Zolea Vipper on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:14 am


When something is happening, like the crowd reactions, or similar things, please to use italic and two -- on each side. so it would look like this:

-- The crowd boo's --
-- Zolea suddenly appears out of nowhere --

The commentators names are Jessica (face)->dark red and Adam (heel)->orange on Saturdays, and ]Kevin(face)->Blue and Alexis (heel)->Red on Sundays. Make sure you use the right colors, as well as the right names.

The Interviewers for Saturday and Sunday are Jacquilin->Blue and Tracy->Green. Sunday night being Tracy, and Saturday being Jacquilin. And again, take note of the correct color usage.

Use a color for your wrestlers speech, and at the same time, make nametags, which should always be in bold. So it should look like like:

Zolea: Can you feel the Anxiety?!

only one Rp is to be made per person per show, this doesn't mean you can't partake in other RP's but stick to ones that involve you.

Don't use other peoples characters in your roleplays without their permission.

Please think about the crowd reaction as how would a real crowd would react. Far too many are not considering this. as for example i've seen lots of new characters having something like.

-- He-Man walks down the ramp --

He-Man: hello cww

-- crowd chants: "He-Man, He-Man, He-Man" --

Theres no way the fans would chant the name of a person they had never seen before in cww. Now this was just an example, so please bear this in mind for future roleplays.
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